Get Your New Home Inspected for The Unexpected

from Dov Herman

Who is Dov Herman and what does he do?


With more than 2 decades in the business Dov Herman has become a favorite with New Yorkers who are looking for accurate and professional home inspectors.

The reason why Dov Herman is so popular in the city and long island is because of his impressive work ethic and extensive experience. This also includes a genuine concern for homeowners in New York and ensuring that they are aware of hidden dangers in their home.

What sets Dov Herman apart from others in his profession is his stellar track record and honest character. Since 1990, he has experienced changes in real estate that most professionals have not had the privilege to.

This has given him eagle eyes when it comes to detecting hidden issues in properties that otherwise seem perfect on the outside. This includes examining home systems that impact your safety such as plumbing, heating and structure issues.

It’s because of his efforts and the years that we have been in business that allows us to give our special Peace of Mind Warranty. This basically means that if you aren’t satisfied with our services, you don’t owe us a penny. To help you make an informed decision, we will also provide a detailed report that can give you a good idea on how healthy your home is.

What makes us Different?


Whether you are buying a home or selling it, you need a trusted home inspector who can satisfy on all fronts. Dov Herman is certified as an expert NYC home inspector and is licensed by the State of New York. This includes certification by the Exterior Design Institute for residential and commercial properties.

Armed with this knowledge and with New York Inspect’s own experiences and resources, Dov Herman is the best choice. We are also licensed to perform termite inspections, moisture analysis along warrantied termite inspections, you can rest assured your property is safe.

Dov Herman is also certified to conduct thermal imaging tests that allow us to literally go down to the foundations to check for issues. Besides specialized knowledge, this also requires advanced technology that few home inspection services can provide.

As responsible home inspectors, we also protect our clients from unexpected issues. We include a 5 year roof leak protection, 365 day termite warranty and a 90 day water and sewer protection plan that assures home buyers that their home and properties will be protected.


What certifications does Dov Herman have?

Dov Herman, the NYC home inspection expert, is licensed by New York State and Certified by the Exterior Design Institute to inspect commercial and residential properties. He is also university-certified to perform thermal imaging tests to detect problems in the home – this requires specialized knowledge and advanced technology. The business is also licensed to perform inspections for termites, moisture analysis, radon and carbon monoxide.



  • NYS Licensed Home Inspectors #16000008274
  • SIRI Level 1 Certified Thermographer For Infrared Inspections (The University of Mississippi)
  • Certified Infrared Thermographer Infraspection Institute # 9634
  • EIFS Inspectors Certified by The Exterior Design Institute Level 1 & Level 2 ( EDI)
  • Moisture Analyst Certified by The Exterior Design Institute (EDI)
  • Building Envelope Analyst Certified by The Exterior Design Institute (EDI)
  • NYS Licensed Termite Inspectors #C1808242
  • NYS Licensed Commercial Pest Applicator Categories 7A & 7C #C1808242
  • Home Energy Tune-Up Certified
  • NYS Certified Radon Inspectors



  • New York State Association of Home Inspectors Served on the Board of Directors (NYSAHI)
  • Metropolitan Association of Home Inspectors ( MAHI)
  • Exterior Design Institute (EDI)
  • HomeSafe Licensee
  • American Society of Home Inspectors ( ASHI) Long Island Chapter Past Board Member  
  • American Society of Home Inspectors ( ASHI) Long Island Chapter Past Seminar Committee Member



  • NY Inspect carries complete Liability and Errors & Omissions Insurance. Customers have the peace of mind knowing their home and property are protected.