Love the rustic elegance of vineyard life? Here are six easy planter ideas to add some winery-themed ambience to your home garden.

  1. Half wine barrels are a classic choice with plenty of room for mid-to-large sized plants or even some vines of your own.
  2. Wine crates lined with landscaping fabric are perfect for wildflowers or a lettuce garden.
  3. Bottle carriers with separate compartments make it easy to keep herbs and spices neatly organized.
  4. Tin or ceramic pitchers (with holes drilled for drainage) look lovely accenting tabletops or entryways.
  5. Wooden pallets lined with landscaping fabric and placed vertically can be used to create a cascading garden and make the most of a small space.
  6. Hollowed wine corks are just big enough to house tiny succulents and add that final wine-kissed touch to your decor.