A leaky faucet can seem like such a tiny thing, but fixing those drips can provide major benefits for your wallet and your sanity. Getting rid of nighttime leaks can help you fall asleep more quickly and enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep. At the same time, you can literally save hundreds of dollars on your annual water bill. All of that for taking care of a little leak? Yes, please!

How To Fix a Leaking Faucet

You don’t need to call a plumber for this super-easy home maintenance project. Dripping faucets are the epitome of a quick fix. Many homeowners can tackle this task in 20-30 minutes.
First, check the handle for leaks by taking off the handle and tightening the packing nut. All you need is a wrench for this part. If there’s still a leak, the next step is to replace the seal underneath the stem assembly. Shut off the water for a minute and unscrew the assembly. Once you’ve changed the washer and put things back together, turn the water on again.