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Dov Herman is one of New York City’s leading home inspection experts. For more than 20 years, this licensed and certified home inspector has provided the most reliable commercial and residential property inspections in the area. Using the most advanced technology and industry-supported practices, Dov Herman has made a name for himself as one of the region’s most recognized home inspectors, brining peace of mind to buyers and sellers in real estate transactions!

Buying or Selling A Home?

Making a smart real estate decision depends on having an experienced partner to identify any faults or sources of concern in the property. Since 1994, Dov Herman has worked with thousands of homeowners to create a full inspection report before the actual closing takes place. An inspection report is a vital piece of information for both buyers and sellers to understand the value of a home. For sellers, we offer Pre-Listing inspections so you can properly inform prospective buyers about the condition of your home. For buyers, we provide in-depth analysis of the home’s foundation, plumbing, electrical systems, termite status, roofing and other variable to ensure that you are making the right decision on your new home.

Our full-service inspection program is designed to make the homeowner’s life easier. Even if you’re purchasing a home that was recently built, we can also perform a “New Construction Inspection” to examine the constructor’s work and give you an in-depth report on the home’s living conditions. Newly-built homes are often protected with warranties, so pinpointing problems early can save you thousands of dollars.

Commercial Real Estate Inspections

Is your business planning on buying, selling, or leasing a commercial property? Before you sign a contract, you need to get the property inspected by a certified New York specialist. Dov Herman has been performing commercial real estate inspections for over 20 years and has given hundreds of businesses practical, affordable property advice before they make a transaction. Our building evaluations give your organization a comprehensive report of any and all problems might be affecting the property. Our commercial inspections are founded on experience, unbiased results that give you the information you need to continue the real estate process.

Stucco and EIFS Finishes

Thousands of New York homes are built today with stucco (or EIFS, which stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems). The decorative outdoor finish is the perfect coatings for many commercial and residential buildings, but it does not occasional inspection to ensure that the color, texture, and shapes is still providing an insulating and protective finish to the outside of the structure.

Stucco buildings often have cracks, leaks, or other areas of mold/mildew that could affect the value of the property. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recommends that homeowners get their stucco homes inspect by a EIFS specialist every 1-2 years.

Condominiums and Apartments

Before you begin renting or leasing your apartment or condo, you should get a comprehensive inspection report that will serve as a benchmark against future damages that may be caused by tenants. The entire interior of the unit should be carefully surveyed to check for any damage or other problems which might affect future residents or the value of the space.

Thermal Imaging

The best way to detect moisture exposure, electrical overheating, and insulation problems is to Thermal Imaging technology. These high-tech devices will check for changes in internal temperature beyond what’s visible to the human eye. Dov Herman’s home inspection team is trained and SIRI-certified (Specialist Infrared Residential Inspector) to give homeowners an inside look into the property.


Termites are one of the biggest concerns for any homeowner. To ensure that your home or commercial building isn’t affected by these pesky insects, call Dov Herman to provide a full termite inspection. The results from your inspection are recorded in our reports and documented in a NPMA-33 form, or the Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report that is used in the HUD for real estate closings.

The Dov Herman Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our home inspection results, then we guarantee a $0 payment. That’s right – if you are not fully happy with our results, then our inspection is free. We also never charge extra for services like inspection reports, because it’s all included in our straightforward pricing guarantee. Call us today to schedule your next real estate inspection!

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